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4th September

1970: Friday

Rome again!! Got up v. early. Arrived in Rome about 2.30pm. Bought Madonna + child painted on wood, presents, suede bag,. In evening saw Eugenio who told me (Ma was upstairs)  I had a beautiful face + that he’d miss me. He asked for an explanation of ‘Soho’ – I told him about the whores + he said ”V. nice eh?’ He thought I was 18 years + was surprised (+disappointed!)that I was 14 years.. But oh, misery, the bloody bugger introduced me to his girlfriend! (I tried to smile) Sob! Bed.

1971: Saturday

Dr out + I felt much better. Temp normal so Ma let me go to concert. I got there + had a message for OG or DB but they didn’t read it out. Sat net to super bloke who kept looking at me but that’s just about it!! King Crimson weren’t as good as I thought due prob to vibes. Jack Bruce + Roy Harper were good! I didn’t hear much of Formerly Fat Harry!! Saw Sue Skinner on way home. Talked to nice bloke at tube.

1972: Monday

Preparations continue. Something stopped us going out shopping for school clothes. Visitors? I can’t remember. The Olympics continue. Poor old Dave Bedford only came 6th in the 5,000 meters. He wept.

1973: Tuesday

I took Ru + Martin back by train, while S + Mr T went by car. Quite fun. Read. Fleur met me at station. Looks older. Charlotte is sweet.

1974: Wednesday.