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Nominated for outstanding achievement in Comedy Award 2016



Comedian Charmian Hughes studied clowning under Philippe Gaulier and Theatre de Complicite but unable to uphold the mime vow of silence, ran away to play stand-up comedy clubs throughout the nation entertaining everyone from members of the House of Commons to ‘Lifers’ in prison (not to be confused). Charmian has stalked Chris Huhne and gave Frank Skinner his first avocado.



”Charmian Hughes even in such a short time seems to give a sense of both the gravity and the humour of her comic potential.”   Broadway Baby    


Next new solo show-  SOIXANTE MIRTH  Buxton Festival and Edinburgh FESTIVALS


Review from Buxton Fringe:

I liked this show. It was warm, witty and well thought out. Being of a certain age, say approaching 60, I wondered what all the fuss might be about. Is 60 the new 40? What was in store? Well, quite a bit it seems.  Charmian was the perfect host for this tour through the impact of soixante. She took us by the hand, firmly but fairly, and led us the to the promised land of comedy – laughter! There were insights which were general and some which were more gender specific but equally funny. Hair came into it of course…  The heart of the show is our host looking back at her younger self at key ages, and this is opens a rich seam of humour. Can’t tell you too much as it gives the game away, but we enjoyed it. People were laughing. Result.  Charmian delivers her show at a good pace and is at ease with the audience, no nervous, restless pacing here. There’s another chance to catch Charmian doing a mirth-filled 60 minutes of 60 on the 16th at the same venue. I’d recommend you go.”  

Ian Parker Heath






Two more previews before Edinburgh!

Leyden Galley Friday 22nd July 8.30pm


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